Chris Hemsworth, 37, Looks Ripped While Shirtless In Funny Underwater Video For New App

Chris Hemsworth is sharing positive affirmations with fans while looking like a total hunk. He showed off his buff chest while meditating underwater, only to get interrupted by one of his kids in a new video.

One of Hollywood’s top three favorite stars names Chris is giving fans an eyeful of his sexy shirtless body. Chris Hemsworth has dropped a number of amazing meditation videos to his Instagram page, promoting his wellness app Centrfit. The 37-year-old not only shows off his Avengers physique, but his incredibly witty sense of humor. In the first Instagram video that kicked off the series beginning on Oct. 26, Chris tried to meditate underwater, but kept getting interrupted by what appears to be one of his six-year-old twin sons, either Tristan or Sasha.

“The Affirmations That Positively Absolutely Probably (Most Likely) WILL NOT Make Your 2020 Worse,” comes across the screen as Chris narrates the words in his sexy Aussie accent. The Thor star’s shirtless body is on display, as he’s seen sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool with his legs crossed and his palms together in a meditative prayer position, as he gazes through a clear diving mask. Chris’ six-pack abs, ripped chest and muscular arms show that he certainly kept up his workout routine during quarantine.

“Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to find a place to just get away from it all? Where you can just ‘be?’” Chris asks in his gentle, soothing baritone during the voice over. “Well lets find that place together. Close your eyes. Don’t breathe in, because you’re under water,” he snarks. “Imagine yourself far, far from wherever you’ve been stuck lately,” he advises about the underwater meditation session.

As he begins to say, “There are no distractions here,” one of his sons swims by him in front of the camera, wearing blue bathing trunks. Chris continues, “Nothing to break your calm, no one demanding your attention,” as his son swims closer to his dad underwater, while Chris waves him away with his buff arm.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth looks like an absolute snack while shirtless. Photo credit: SplashNews.

“Simply push your worries away,” Chris continues, literally giving the boy a push to the side when he gets too close to his underwater meditating dad. “Until it’s just you, your thoughts and this moment of tranquility. That’s it. Those little distractions just give them a gentle, old shove,” he adds, doing just that as his child won’t leave him alone in peace. “It’s just you and me,” Chris tries to continue before throwing in the towel, saying, “God, this kid. Ok maybe let’s try this another time.”

“When the distractions just won’t stop coming no matter where you go, gently brush them aside. Gently, of course. They have feelings too,” the father of three wrote in the caption. The video has nearly a million likes so far, and Chris followed it up with video meditations of him sitting in a patch of flowers, but getting eaten alive by bugs. In another vid, he tried standing in one leg in a yoga tree position while wading in his pool, but kept falling over. Finally Chris sat meditating in an ocean tide pool, only to get battered by the incoming waves almost washing him out to sea. Meditation never looked quite so fun and full of misadventure than it does with Chris!


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