™ Area 51: The place that hides terrible mysteries about aliens ✓

Considered the world’s top secret location, Area 51 is now famous for its alien rumors. Does it really exist, or is it just a distraction from the real secret?

1. The most mysterious area in the world

Stories about Area 51 (Area 51) make anyone curious about this mysterious place. This is a top secret area of ​​the US Air Force, established by order of US President Eisenhower. .

Outside of its cover as a military area, many people believe that this place has more secrets than that. Stories told by people living around the area make it even more mysterious.

It is believed that this is where the truth about aliens and UFOs is hidden, and where the craziest projects are carried out.

2. Security is extremely strict

People still joke that even the movement of a fly can be recorded by cameras at Area 51. This is not necessarily unreasonable, stemming from many theories that it is caused by motion sensors and cameras installed here.

In addition, everywhere there are security guards wearing camouflage to protect and observe the area, to avoid intruders outside. But it could also be to keep something from leaking out from inside.

3. Mysterious lights.

Much of the mystery associated with this area is the lights of unknown origin. According to officials, they were merely special secret military aircraft or planes entering and exiting the base.

However, according to those who have seen these lights, it cannot be that simple. These lights move in unusual patterns such as zigzags, change direction at 90-degree angles for short periods of time, or are simply too erratic to be airplanes.

So the rumors began. Of course, it’s understandable that some information is kept secret to keep the public from rioting in fear, but sometimes honesty is better.

4. Famous Roswell UFO accident

A famous event about Area 51 is the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. When a farmer and his son went looking for sheep after the storm, they discovered unusual metal debris. They lead to a deep trench in the ground. The rancher went to the authorities, but they said it was just a weather balloon.

The pieces were taken to Roswell for testing. There are a number of leaked images, sketches and other witnesses of what can only be described as alien corpses.

This is a turning point in the history of Area 51 because of the level of influence it has on the public, but the government still denies everything. To this day, no one knows the real story behind this incident. It remains one of the most controversial mysteries of the last century.

5. Stretching East and West?

I think it’s because Area 51 is just a distraction from the real secret. Thanks to its poor cover, it quickly became a tourist attraction. With all the public attention focused on this, another secret base where world-leading creatures and technology will be kept.

Many believe Dulce, New Mexico, is where the facility was actually built. It’s one of the most top-secret places on Earth, more so than Area 51. It’s where all the research and testing actually takes place.

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